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Balanced by the Elements

According to ancient Thai astrology, the universe consists of 7 unique elements.

They are considered to be:

Sunday = Earth
Monday = Wood
Tuesday = Metal
Wednesday = Ash
Thursday = Water
Friday = Air
Saturday = Fire

Here at the Imperial Spa, we've taken these elements as inspiration to design a unique selection of treatments, aimed at restoring your natural balance, using ingredients in each of our essential oils and/or inspiration of the Thai astrology elements.

Our 7 signature blends have been matched with specific treatment techniques, ranging from soft to firm, to leave you with a sense of well-being and inner balance. Besides the famous Pevonia line of skin products, most of our other treatment products have been carefully sourced or even grown here locally, using only the best ingredients.

We can even tailor your treatment to you based on your day of birth:

The day of the week on which you were born matches with one of the 7 elements. By giving us your birthday, we can suggest you the perfect match based on your birthday, allowing you to restore your natural balance.

Please contact the Spa receptionist between 09:00 -- 19:00 daily or e-mail us, should you have any questions, as we're here to assist.

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