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Experience fine dining at Imperial Samui Beach Resort Koh Samui two restaurants. Our beach bar overlooking the beachfront offers a variety of refreshing drinks.

Twisted Thai

Twisted Thai

Welcome to the Twisted Thai dining experience where all is not as it seems. Opened in January 2011, and the newest exiting dining experience on the island.

We have taken the purest Thai food, famous flavours, plus amazing presentation and have combined these with modern cooking skills such as smoking, freezing, low cooking and drying. By adding new techniques and equipment to this combination they have changed the look, sensation and feel of the classical and developed it into something parallel to the original.

When we design a new dish it may take months to perfect it and when the team are finally happy, it becomes a fixture on the Twisted Thai menu. As we speak there are several dishes on the development table in our kitchen. The thought process behind these recipes is detailed in the form of a ‘mind map’ on the kitchen blackboard.

Please be open-minded as you savour this unique dining experience. When the food arrives if you find yourself somewhat puzzled please ask one of the staff; they have been schooled in the mind of their chefs and understand the whys and the wherefores of the dishes and can guide you through it.

We hope you enjoy what will certainly be a first; and perhaps one day you can turn that first into a second or third.


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