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Imperial continues serving the planet, releasing sea turtles at the Imperial Boat House Beach Resort, Samui


Samui – Imperial Serves the Sea by encouraging healthier planet through organizing the sea turtle release at the beach front of the Imperial Boat House Beach Resort. 

“Following our Imperial Serves the Earth program, the Imperials Hotels continue to preserve our nature and environment through Imperial Serves the Sea campaign”, Mr Doeke Bonga, the General Manager of the Imperial Boat House Beach Resort said,  “we may only be a small part of this world but at least our journey has started through our beliefs and encouragement.”

The Imperial Boat House Beach Resort co-ordinates with the Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center, the Central Gulf of Thailand, organize an exclusive release of sea turtles back into the sea at the resort’s beach front.

Imperial group would like to raise awareness among the industry friends and public on the possible extinction of our natural turtles.  According to the research center, only 0.01% of the turtle’s egg hashed each year made it to the breeding size.  The breeding center not only supports the breeding of the turtles but making sure turtles are grown up to their breeding size.  The sea turtles are a big factor of the ocean balances which helps maintain our healthy environment, supporting the tourism industry yet again. 

“We are hoping to continue the activity every year as well as supporting the research center where we can,” Mr Bonga said, “following our corporate’s value and beliefs, it is our commitment to cherish our local communities and support their environment.

Serving our overall Thailand tourism industry, we want to be the influencer for environmental care and support.  Imperial Hotels group will continue throughout their properties supporting the continuous care for our planet.”


Imperial Hotels continue serving the Earth, Cleaning and Planting for the second year

Bangkok – Imperial Hotels group continue their contribution on serving the Earth, organizing the Earth Day campaign cleaning and planting for the second year on Monday 22nd of April 2013.   

“We would like to show our continuous support to save our mother earth,” Mr Fredrick Arul, Executive Vice President, TCC Hotel Group Co., Ltd. said, “It is a second year of our small contributions to the world and we want to support a little more.  This year we are also giving away small sprouts to our associates and guests of our hotels.”

“The attribute symbolizes our attention to paint the world greener or at least substitute what we have lost.  Our commitment to serve the earth journey is scheduled to progressively continue every year.

And as we continue, it is our belief that before Imperial Hotels can serve the planer, we need to look after ourselves and our neighbors” Khun Fredrick said.  

The Imperial Hotels Group commits to make a different.


Imperial Hotels Cares for Kids on Children’s Day

Bangkok - The Imperial Hotels Group organized “Care for Kids” activities on Children’s day, uniting its 12 hotels within Thailand, created fun day and supported local children foundations, mainly orphanage and disadvantages home within each hotel’s local area. 

The Imperial Hotels Group realized the important of our nation’s future through the development of our children.  We are committing to the local community of our children and support their needs and concerns.  This year activities have been focusing on children without parental care by bringing to them fun activities, assorted snack and sweet for their enjoyment. 

“We would like to be part of their small world of development,” Mr Fredrick Arul, Executive Vice President – Asset Management of TCC Hotel Management Co., Ltd. said

“we are planning to continue our small but gradual support to our local communities where our hotels are situated and committed to make a different for the kids.” 

The Imperial team is developing an ongoing fundraising project together with other possible contribution in order to improve the lives of our children.

The Imperial Hotels Group commits to make a different.

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Khun Kanya Viravan, (Lift) Assistant Vice President - Sales of TCC Hotel Management Co., Ltd. receiving an award from supporting the Aluminium Smile project on behalf of all hotels under TCC Hotel Management Co., Ltd.           

Bangkok, Thailand – TCC Hotel Management supports “Aluminium Smile” project of The Prostheses Foundation of H.R.H. Princess Mother, collecting Alumimium cans and lids to use in making artificial limbs for the handicapped

The project, “Aluminium Smile: Let’s Help People, Let’s Save the Earth,” by the Pollution Control Department, in collaboration with the Prostheses Foundation of HRH The Princess Mother, aims to create opportunities for the disabilities through producing the prostheses from recycled materials and at the same time minimize amount of alluminium rubbish.

All twenty-two Hotels under the Imperial Hotels and Resorts, Imm Hotels and Affiliated brands will be contributed to the project by collecting all Aluminium products from back of house as well as setting up collecting points for all hotel guests.


The Imperial Samui Beach Resort


Twisted Thai joins the 1st International Samui Fine Dining Festival

Samui, Thailand – Joining the 1st International Samui Fine Dining Festival, The Imperial Samui Beach Resort takes the opportunity to promote the uniqueness of their Thai restaurant, the famous Twisted Thai.

Along with other 16 participated elite top restaurants in Samui, the festival which will take place during March 1 – 31, 2012 aims to develop the island into one of the Southeast Asia’s most prestigious dining destinations.  Every day in March, each participating restaurant will be offering a 7-course Fine Dining menu in order  to promote this golden opportunity to experience the best dining on the island of Samui and the prestige Thai hospitality.

Twisted Thai at the Imperial Samui Beach Resort on Chaweng Noi Beach is the most unique and exiting Thai dining experience on the island.  The twisted team has taken the purest Thai food, famous flavors, plus amazing presentation and combined these with the modern cooking skills such as smoking, freezing, slow cooking and drying.  By adding new techniques and equipment to this combination, they have changed the look, sensation and feel of the classical and developed it into something parallel to the original.

The Executive Chef Jan van de Voorde explains that the thought process behind these recipes is detailed in the form of “mind map” on the kitchen black-board.  “We have combined the best element of the famous Thai flavors, cooking skills and presentation in order to come up with our twisted Thai dishes”, Chef Jan said, “Every dish came with its uniqueness which can be explained through fascination.”

A Belgian-born, Jan has been chef of the 2-star Michelin restaurant “de Lijsterbes” in Berlare and a 1 Michelin star place in Knokke (Belgium).  He has moved to Phuket, joined Chalong Beach Hotel and White Box restaurant before joining the Twisted Thai at the Imperial Samui Beach Resort.

The 7-course menu along with the Gala Dinner on Wednesday, 21th of March 2012,  Chef Jan has embraced for the festival during March 1 – 31 can be downloaded here

For reservation, please contact: +66 (0) 77 413 528 or


It's not every day that Thai food gets dubbed 'exquisite'. But at Twisted Thai, it's a daily occurrence. And not only is the presentation akin to dining - it also looks nothing like Thai food ! Click Detail


Food is presented in a novel way at Twisted Thai – Samui’s
highly innovative ‘restaurant with a difference. Click Detail

The Imperial Boat House Beach Resort



The Imperial Boat House Beach Resort launches smoke-free rooms

Samui, Thailand - The Imperial Boat House Beach Resort has converted all rooms to smoke-free rooms throughout the resort starting from the 25 January 2012.

Following the popular demand and specific requests for non-smoking rooms, Doeke Bonga, General Manager of the Imperial Boat House Beach Resort decided to transform all hotels’ guestrooms to be non-smoking.

“We are not only following the trend of increased requests for non-smoking rooms, but are creating a smoke-free environment to demonstrate a new level of our service and care for our guests,” said Doeke.  “Turning all rooms to non-smoking rooms contributes to the general improvement of the room hygiene and customers health at large”.

Contributing to this new policy, the hotel is enforcing the regulations through notice signage in and around the non-smoking room areas.  Smoking guests are able to smoke in the designated areas and on the room balconies only.



The Imperial Boat House Beach Resort won A Sharky Award for its Unique Boat Suite

Samui, Thailand – The Imperial Boat House Beach Resort is presented with a Sharky Reward on the 25 January 2012 for its uniqueness of accommodation, boat-shape bungalow which is known as the famous Boat Suite. Detail


Imperial Boat House Awared HolidayCheck TopHotel 2013

Imperial Boat House Honored as TopHotel 2013 as reviewed by travelers on the largest independent European travel platform Bo Phut, Kor Samui - 8 January 2013 - The Imperial Boat House Beach Resort today announced that it was awarded the coveted  HolidayCheck TopHotel prize. The award, which is based on the reviews that were submitted to HolidayCheck by travelers that have stayed in the hotel, positions the Imperial Boat House among the most popular hotels in the region. Only 3 hotels in Kho Samui received this prestigious award. This award recognizes the excellence of hotels within different regions that were particularly popular among their guests. The highest
ranked hotels, which account for 10% of all reviews within a region are awarded with the HolidayCheck TopHotel award. The handover of the Holiday Check TopHotel award will take place at the opening event for the ITB (Internationale Tourismusborse) in Berlin on March 5 ,2013.

"The Imperial Boat House is delighted to receive the coveted HolidayCheck TopHotel," said
Mr. Doeke Bonga, General Manager at The Imperial Boat House. "We wish to thank your
guests for their valuable feedback, which allowed us to receive this award. We strive to offer our guests a memorable experience, and this accolade is evidence that our
hard work is translating into consistent positive traveler reviews on  Wealso sincerely thank our team for their attitude and commitment, as this award was
made possible by the joint efforts of the entire team."

"We warmly congratulate the Imperial Boat House on this special audience prize! Thanks to the excellent reviews from their guests, the Imperial Boat House belongs to the most popular
hotels in their region" said Georg Ziegler, Head of B to B for

For further information, please contact;

Variya Lulitanond
Marketing Communication Manager
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The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel

Biggles Big Band" Swing Jazz Night Concert

สนุกสนานกันอย่างสุดเหวี่ยงกับคอนเสิร์ต Biggles Big Band Swing Jazz Night วงดนตรี Jazz ชื่อดังจากประเทศเนเธอร์แลนด์ Conductor โดย Mr. Adrie Braat ซึ่งได้จัดขึ้น ที่ ช้างการ์เด้น โรงแรม อิมพีเรียล แม่ปิง เมื่อวันที่ 24 กุมภาพันธ์ 2556 ที่ผ่านมา บรรยากาศเต็มไปด้วยความสนุกสาน งานนี้คอแจ๊สเต้นกันอย่างสุดเหวี่ยงเลยทีเดียว


เฉลิมฉลอง ครบรอบ 25 ปี โรงแรม อิมพีเรียล แม่ปิง

โรงแรม อิมพีเรียลแม่ปิง จัดงานเลี้ยงเฉลิมฉลองครบรอบ 25 ปี เพื่อเป็นการขอบคุณลูกค้าผู้ให้ความไว้วางใจใช้บริการตลอดระยะเวลา 24 ปี ที่ผ่านมา

โดยมีคุณปีเตอร์  เอ ชนีเดอร์  ผู้จัดการทั่วไป โรงแรมในเครือ อิมพีเรียล ภาคเหนือ กลุ่ม ทีซีซี โฮเทลส์ (Area General Manager Northern Hotels of TCC hotels Group) และได้รับเกียรติจาก ดร.เจ้าดวงเดือน ณ เชียงใหม่ ประธานสภาวัฒนธรรมจังหวัดเชียงใหม่ ให้เกียรติร่วมเปิดพิธี ณ ห้อง อิมพีเรียล แกรนด์ฮอลล์ โรงแรม อิมพีเรียล แม่ปิงเมื่อ เร็วๆ นี้



นักฟุตบอลทีมชาติสวีเดน พร้อมสต๊าฟโค้ช ชุดการแข่งขัน ฟุตบอลคิงส์คัพ ครั้งที่ 42 ที่สนามกีฬาสมโภชเชียงใหม่ 700 ปี  ได้มาใช้บริการที่โรงแรง อิมพีเรียล แม่ปิง โดยมี ปีเตอร์  เอ ชนีเดอร์  Area General Manager โรงแรมในเครืออิมพีเรียลภาคเหนือ ให้การต้อนรับพร้อมทีมพนักงานคอยบริการอย่างอบอุ่น


New Letter  Issue 2  : February 2013

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At The Chang Garden
On February 24, 2013
Ticket price Baht 550 net per person
Not to be missed this special concert

Ticket hotline: 053 283 900

โรงแรม อิมพีเรียลแม่ปิง ชวนทุกท่านชม คอนเสิร์ต Swing Jazz Biggles Big Band
วงดนตรีแจ๊สชื่อดังที่มีชื่อเสียงที่สุดจากประเทศเนเธอแลนด์ บิ๊กแจ๊สแบนด์วงยิ่งใหญ่ ซึ่งไม่บ่อยครั้งที่ชาวเชียงใหม่

จะได้มีโอกาสสัมผัสกับบรรยาศงานคอนเสิร์ตใหญ่ Jazz Swing Night กับวง Biggles Big Band  
18 ผู้เล่นจาก Amsterdam ที่ก่อตั้งนับแต่ปี 1985 กับรางวัล Amsterdam’s Big Band Competition สองปีซ้อน (2004-5) ที่ขนเอาบทเพลงฮิตยุค Swing Era มาให้ท่านขยับแข้งขาตามฝันพร้อม Arnold Auée ที่เปล่งเสียงร้องในสไตล์ Frank Sinatra พลาดไม่ได้กับ คอนเสิร์ตใหญ่ดีๆ Swing Jazz Biggles Big Band ซึ่งงานนี้ได้จัดขึ้นที่ ลานช้างการ์เด้นท์ โรงแรม อิมพีเรียล แม่ปิง บัตรมีจำหน่ายในราคา 550 บาทสุทธิ (ราคาบัตรพร้อมบุพเฟต์อาหารเย็น)

โทรสอบถามเพิ่มเติมหรือซื้อบัตรได้ที่ 053 – 283900 ต่อ 7217 หรือ 7217

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